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Our History, Our Purpose, Our Passions

The Beloved Community Project started as a demonstration project funded by the state to address the gross length of time young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities must wait for DD Waiver (Developmental Disability Waiver) services. From the beginning, our approach has been innovative in its efforts to mobilize and engage community.

The transition from being a funded project to becoming a nonprofit organization in 2018 has changed some of the ways in which we work, and COVID-19 has asked us once again to re-imagine Beloved, but our spirit of community, acceptance, and openness to opportunities and experiences remains unchanged. 

We've love to take you on a journey, where you'll see Beloved (and Beloveds!) at work and at play, as well as hear from parents and other community members. There's even a cameo appearance by renowned autism spokesperson Temple Grandin! Take a few moments to hear and see our story.

We're Just Silly Over Art

At the core of Beloved Community is our exploration of the arts, in all its many forms.

We have been privileged to work with many New Mexican artists over the years. Videographer Robert Yee, in coordination with Kay Lilley and the Beloved Community, produced several short films showcasing this intergenerational exchange of talents, the Las Cruces Artist Series.

These videos spotlight the creative efforts of Carolyn Bunch, Karen Conley, Georjeanna Feltha, Harvey Daiho Hilbert, grafitti artist SABA and Dorothy Zitzler.

Be on the lookout for Beloved Community cameos!

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