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Be in a Music Video!

Since having already been extras in "Walking with Herb," let's add a music video to our resume!

Casting call for anyone that would like to be in an upcoming music video!

Filming next Tuesday, Sept 14 starting at 7:30/8:00am at Pioneer Women’s Park!

Come dressed however you’d like, we just want all sorts of crazy stuff to be going on at the park behind the scenes (Luchador Wrestling, Chess clubs, roller skaters, bicyclists, dog walkers, picnic, whatever you can come up with!!) There will be a yoga scene ran by Ceara Fitzgerald if you’d like to come dressed for yoga as well!

The more random the better! Thanks so much if you can make it out, it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two at the most

Coffee and pastries will be provided on site that day by Beck's Roasting House & Creamery

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