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Our People


After many years of work in the traditional service system, I was liberated with the opportunity to lead a demonstration project not bound by restrictive funding, government regulations and institutional practices.


I happily threw the policy handbooks, training programs, service documents, program brochures, hierarchical organizational structure and my imposter syndrome out the window!


Through the work of Beloved Community, I have discovered my genuine self and come to regularly practice authenticity. I’ve become emboldened to seize moments of wonder and embrace the role of lead buffoon! This has created the space for others I work with and support to do the same.


It is through this invitation to freedom that we have learned to live and love in real community.



Virtual Engagement Coordinator

I completed my term as an AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer at the end of July 2021. What an incredible year it has been!​

The good news is, I'm not going anywhere. I'm hooked!


After an August break, I returned as a part-time employee on Sept. 1. I will host virtual events, manage our website and social media, and generally help Kay and Beloved.

I have done much advocacy work over the years, but nothing like that with Beloved, where each person (including myself) is asked to bring their authentic self to the table. This celebration of talents and difference is revolutionizing the way I think on a daily basis.

Never have I felt both so free and so loved.

Mallorie - library card.jpeg


AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer

I am the AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer for this year, so I’ll be on board the Beloved team until November 2022. I will be doing an array of different things for Beloved, but some of my focus will be on fundraising, grant-writing, building our volunteer network, and expanding the opportunities for volunteerism and civic engagement.


Originally, I am from Michigan. There, I have quite a bit of experience volunteering with nonprofits and trying to create welcoming and inclusive spaces. However, I have never been in an organization that feels so much like a community, where everyone supports one another so well. 


I cannot wait to continue my journey with Beloved, get to know more what this place is about, and engage in some awesome things with Beloved!

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