In September, we kick off a new set of activities, a hybrid of virtual and in-person. We can't wait to tell you about them!

Any questions, please email us at

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In These Times

We are doing everything we can to protect our Beloved members from the dangers of the COVID-19 virus, and also to keep everyone connected during this time of unprecedented isolation. We have moved our activities to virtual Zoom rooms and there we can still broaden community, discover and develop talents, and have a great deal of fun!

All on Zoom!

Write us to get notices for Zoom links. You can also find links posted weekly on our Facebook Group under "Events."

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Beloved Community members on Zoom for a special theater project, "The Masks We Wear," facilitated by advocacy theater director Madison Kalvert (upper left hand corner).

Monday Drop In & Draw
Weekly hour to bring whatever project you are working on, creating together while we listen to music.
Theater Tuesdays
Twice-monthly improv & games with NMSU theater profs Nichole Hamilton & Larissa Lury, during the school year.
Tutorial Tuesdays
Art projects facilitated by Beloved AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Michel Wing (alternating with Theater Tuesday, or weekly during school holidays).
Social Hour Wednesdays
Weekly fun activities, games & conversations, facilitated by Beloved AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Michel Wing.
United Fridays
Weekly talks and presentations featuring expert members of our community, hosted alternately by Beloved & DACU.
Timebank Get-Togethers
Monthly "social hours" hosted by the Mesilla Valley Timebank, of Dona Ana Communities United (DACU).
DACU Meetings
Monthly meetings with our partner agency, DACU.

This schedule will change Sept. 1. Stay tuned!